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Avoid sunburn with the Anessa x Pokémon Sunlotion collaboration!

Anessa x Pokémon have teamed up to create a UV sun lotion! A limited edition will be available from Sunday, March 21, 2021 at the Pokémon Center. Titled “Hey ANESSA, Where do you want to go next?”!

“An exciting adventure with a charming partner.
For daily and outdoor activities,
Anessa × Pokémon Collaboration.
Take a charming partner and go on an adventure!”

Shiseido has collaborated with one of the world’s most popular brands, Pokémon, to release in a limited edition Anessa Perfect UV Skincare sunscreen featuring 3 Pokémon Pikachu, Eevee and Squirtle reserved only for the Japanese fans.

In Shanghai, China, a large Poké Ball was displayed on a spherical screen to promote the release of the collection with two other new bottles that will be available only there: Jigglypuff and Psyduck.

An image of Charmander has been posted on the official website of the brand, we assume that a new cream with his image will also be released!

The bottles are 60ml! Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen is equipped with Aqua Booster EX technology, which enhances UV blocking film when exposed to sweat and water, and Thermo Booster technology enhances UV blocking film when exposed to solar heat.

It also contains moisturizing ingredients that improve the skin that prevent dryness damage caused by UV rays. It is a beauty sun care product that provides powerful uv protection and skin care effects. It also resists steam and friction.

In addition, the product has a beauty-enhancing effect that spreads a natural glow and lights up on the skin when applied, making it an element that can be used in everyday life while wearing a mask.

Pikachu !

Available in male or female like Eevee (unfortunately you can not choose it will be the surprise at the reception).

Order Pikachu sunscreen now at Hello Japan !

Eevee !

Order Eevee sunscreen now at Hello Japan !

Squirtle !

Order Squirtle sunscreen now at Hello Japan !


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