Home America After the famous PokéBall, The Wand Company offers US, THE MASTERBALL!

After the famous PokéBall, The Wand Company offers US, THE MASTERBALL!

You must have seen the information pass The Wand Company proposed a superb replica of the Pokéball !:

These high-quality and accurate poké ball and master balls are the first officially licensed high-end collection replicas for Pokémon fans.

Poké Balls are colorful and sensitive to touch and proximity. With bright buttons, these Poké Balls are the long-awaited collectibles for Pokémon fans and the debut of an exciting Poké Ball collection.

A well-studied concept

Equipped with touch sensing and proximity technology, the button of each Poké Ball shines when it detects movement and shines very brightly when the ball is hit. Pressing the button starts a pokémon-capture illumination sequence; clicking twice, it changes the light color from white to red and then to green. Each replica comes with its own support! Authenticated by a unique number – and a polished stainless steel ring so you can display your Poké Ball exactly the way you want it.

The support lights automatically turn on when it is opened, inside a poké ball of a soft and swirling glow. Adjust the color of the light, using the touch plate on the front of the case to choose one of the seven different shades.

New goodies to come and a Master Ball announced!

Limited to 5000 units the MasterBall is released in North America, only available at the Pokémon Center (for $119.99)! The release date is March 15, 2021 but pre-orders began on February 25, 2021. We are still waiting for the goodies of the 25th anniversary of Pokémon but photos are starting to be published on the internet and we can see nice glasses, tumbler, and other accessories with the logo of the event!


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