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A new collaboration for Galar’s Cat Day with illustrator Kino Takahashi

Collaboration products with illustrator Kino Takahashi have appeared in the Pokémon Center!

Kino Takahashi

Manga illustrator and artist. He drew character drawings, merchandise illustrations and four-frame manga. These illustration columns and 4-image manga are published in magazines and on the web. He had already made several small illustrations around Pokémon before. (Detective Pikachu below).

A collaboration around Galar’s cats!

On Monday, February 22, collaborations with illustrator Kino Takahashi will be at the Pokémon Center!
February 22 is called “Garara-no-Hi,” and this day is depicted with a comic touch about how Galar’s cats spend their time freely in the Pokémon Shield/Sword region.

In addition to fluffy stuffed animals, there is also a range of dishes such as cups, bowls, and other items to use daily. You can relax at home with Galarian Meowth, Skitty and Espurr!

You can have a cute and original crockery in your kitchen with the mug and this bowl Galarian Meowth.

Adorable fluffy stuffed animals have been announced to fill your Pokémon collection!

Pull Galarian Meowth 6,600円 

A great hoodie in the colors of Galarian Meowth. On the top of the hood the Pokémon’s head is shown. A zipper is in front so you can match it to your outfits while protecting yourself from the cold!!

A foldable, compact bag that can be taken everywhere. It’s very convenient to have one when you go shopping, so you can leave it at the bottom of your purse it doesn’t take up space and when you do your shopping you will always have a bag on you! Useful but also eco-friendly, let’s avoid buying plastic bags and bring this Pokémon bag! A satchel for your computer or tablet with an image of Meowth on the keyboard like a real cat, we love it!

Keyrings to collect will also be part of the game! You can hang them on your favorite bag and show the world your love for Pokémon! Pairs of socks and also a towel for the hands, items that will be useful for you every day!

Other products advertised from the collection:

Hairband in towel 1,650円
Masking Tape 660円
A4 Protects Document 264円
Memo 605円
Stickers 660円
Fusen Set 660 円

You can now buy the entire collection of Galar’s Cat Day at Hello Japan !


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