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The Passover collection “Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko 2021” has just been announced at the Pokémon Center!

The highly anticipated collection of Pokéfans has arrived!

Officially on Saturday, March 13, pokémon will enjoy Easter in the Pokémon Center!
The collection called Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko 2021 will represent Pokémon enjoying Easter, such as trying to get into a colorful Easter egg shell or having a shell over their head like a little chick! (too cute isn’t it?).

Two pretty stuffed animals Pikachu and Scorbunny!

Plush 1760 yens

A decoration for your tissue boxes!

Décoration de boite à mouchoirs 3 740 yens

You will be able to decorate your handkerchief boxes with Scorbunny and Pikachu, it looks like a Passover basket with the small eggs. We can also see a Swablu depicted in the basket, as if it were in its nest.

An eco bag for your shopping!

Eco Bag 1,980円

A superb ECO bag, which you can take anywhere as it folds! Ecological and practical, put it in your bag and when you need a bag when you do improvised shopping you will be very happy to have this nice bag from the Easter collection of the Pokémon Center!

Adorable Straps to celebrate Easter!

Strap 1,320円

Wooloo, Rowlet, Natu and Torchic join the Passover party in the form of plush strap to hang on your bags!

A Pikachu mirror strap!

Strap miroir 1,650円 

A nice mirror in the form of a Pikachu head that you can also hang on your bag! A small white fluffy accessory is shown with a ribbon.

Pikachu gold jewelry

Pretty jewels will also be available with a pearly little pearl and Pikachu ears! Necklace, earring and bracelet!

From stationery: Sticker memos

In the Pokémon stationery, you can find very cute sticker memos, Pikachu, Scorbunny, Wooloo, Rowlet, Natu and other Pokémon all party together to celebrate Passover together!

Key rings to collect as for every collection!

Pretty Pokémon keyrings will appear in little colored eggs!

List of products advertised for this collection:

Plush Dolly Easter Basket Tamagokko Pikachu 1,760 yen (★)
Plush Doll Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko Hiberny 1,760 yen (★)
Mascot Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko Wooloo 1,320 yen (★)
Mascot Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko Moclough 1,320 yen (★)
Mascot Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko Natty 1,320 yen (★)
Mascot Happy Easter Basket Tamagokko Achamo 1,320 yen (★)
Tissue Box Cover Tilt Basket Happy Easter Basket 3,740 yen (★)
Pouch with wet tissue case Happy Easter Basket 1,980 yen (★)
Brush & Organdy Drawstring Set Happy Easter Basket 1,320 yen (★)
Organdy Eco Bag Happy Easter Basket 1,980 yen (★)
Bag Charm Mirror Happy Easter Basket ¥1,650 (★)
Necklace Happy Easter Basket ¥1,430 (★)
Bracelet Happy Easter Basket ¥1,320 (★)
Earrings Happy Easter Basket ¥1,430 (★)
Earrings Happy Easter Basket ¥1,430 (★)
Accessory Case Happy Easter Basket 2,750 yen (★)
Hand towel Happy Easter Basket 660 yen (★)
Hand Towel Happy Easter Basket Wooloo 660 yen (★)
Shush Happy Easter Basket Blue 1,320 (★)
Shush Happy Easter Basket Yellow 1,320 (★)
A4 Clear File 5P Happy Easter Basket 506 yen (★)
Masking Tape 2 Pieces Set Happy Easter Basket 880 yen (★)
Frame memo Happy Easter Basket 715 yen (★)
Sticky Note with BOX Happy Easter Basket 825 yen (★)
Metal Charm Set Happy Easter Basket Pikachu 880 yen (★)
Metal Charm Set Happy Easter Basket Hibbany 880 yen (★)
Acrylic charm collection with egg case Happy Easter Basket 715 yen
※ All 8 species. You can’t choose a picture.
Chocolate pie Happy Easter Basket 1,296 yen

Let’s enjoy the arrival of spring as soon as possible with Pokémon!
The products will be available in Pokémon Center Online on Thursday, March 11 at 10:00 a.m. .m.

But if you can’t order the products in Japan don’t worry! You can order the collection on the website Hello Japan !


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