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Report: Post Malone Virtual Concert 25 years!

On February 28, 2021 at 1 a.m., the 25th anniversary live has begun!

A nice 13-minute virtual concert with Post Malone and Pokémon alongside the artist that can now be watched on Youtube as well as the official website of Pokémon 25 years!. The pokéfans were able to have a good time whether you were a fan or not post Malone!

We start with a 10-second countdown… in a typical stadium room with a large audience (everything is virtual) but very well done, Pokémon balloons floating in the air and Post Malone appearing in the middle on a small rounded stage. Dressed in a T-shirt with the Pikachu tail behind (probably a T-shirt that we can buy for 25 years? To follow)!


The artist begins with his well-known song “Psycho” in the room then the scene starts to fly and we pass in the environments of wild pokémons, a kind of valley where we can see Snorlax sleeping (to change eh!), Pikachu racing with Eevee, Butterfree …


Then we will go through a forest where Post Malone will start “Circles” (A song from his repertoire very fashionable at the moment) we can see Torterra, Shiinotic, Umbreon as well as Celebi … A magical and magical moment! We will then pass by air and over the sea in the company of Braviary and Lugia! In the background we can see Pokémon-shaped clouds. Towards the end of the song a Gyarados will pass over the artist and project water on the screen that will take us to the bottom of the ocean!


The new song “Only wanna be with you” designed especially for 25 years with Post Malone and Pokémon will perform in a beautiful marine setting with Jellicent, Sharpedo. Post Malone will be in a bubble throughout the song. Lugia will make another pairing as well as Lanturn. During the guitar solo, we will then pass in a volcano accompanied by Charizard!! Landing on the lava Post Malone meets Slugma and we can also see Groudon! Charizard returns and attacks flame throws flame on the artist’s rounded “scene” making him fly and set off on another wild land! (A moment that made the Pokéfans laugh enough on Twitter who interpreted it as if Charizard wanted to eject the artist!)


We will then move on to the last song of the set “Congratulations” Pyroar appear, and a herd of Rapidash gallops below the artist. We will then return to the virtual stadium with fireworks.

“Thank you, Pokémonfans thank you very much!, Thank you for the wonderful 25 years, I love you so much, it was an amazing experience for me and I am so honored, thank you very much and Happy Pokémon Day!”


Pokémon company does not stop there, at the end of Post Malone’s thanks. We can read: “THE P25 MUSIC CELEBRATION HAS JUST BEGUN” (P25 Music celebrations have just begun). “GET READY FOR NEW MUSIC FROM… KATY PERRYJ.BALVIN AND MANY MORE ARTISTS” (Be ready for a new music from… KATY PERRY, J. BALVIN and more artists). And at the end a little surprise for the Pokéfans we can see Rondoudou upset not to have been able to sing on the stage of the stadium!

It was a very pleasant and nostalgic moment, even if at the time the “virtual concert” side scares a lot of people, the very worked graphics was really superb as well as the Pokémon! This year for the 25th anniversary Pokémon Company will still have many surprises in store for us! the rest! We can’t wait to learn more about the album P25 music!


Katy Perry, J Balvin and another surprise superstar artist will each release a Pokemon-inspired song. Each song will be accompanied by a video clip and an exclusive collection of merchandise celebrating each artist and the 25th anniversary of Pokemon!
These Pokemon-inspired songs will be released by Universal Music Group’s Capital Records. The albums will feature 14 songs by 11 artists from the universal band Music, including Katy Perry, J Balvin, and Post Malone.


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