Home News The new version of Pokémon Snap finally announced for April 30, 2021!

The new version of Pokémon Snap finally announced for April 30, 2021!

If you’re a fan of Pokémon games, you need to know the Pokémon Snap game!

A first game released in 1999

Released in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 console, the player becomes Tom Snap, Professor Samuel Oak gives you the mission to photograph Pokémon on a safari. In the Zero-One vehicle you will have to photograph Pokémon as best as possible in their natural environment. There will be 63 in all in 7 different routes depending on the type (the Beach, the Tunnel, the Volcano, the River, the Cave, the Valley and the Prismo-Nuage).

A new version of Pokémon Snap announced in June 2020

During the “Pokémon Presents” event in June 2020, an announcement made people talk about it and made the Pokéfans happy! “New Pokémon Snap” has been announced for the Nintendo Switch console. Bandai Namco is in charge of development. This morning Pokémon company confirmed this information and release date on Twitter!

Nintendo explains: “At Professor Miror’s request, you will conduct an ecological study aboard your trusty Neo One vehicle. You will have to photograph the Pokémon of the region in their natural habitats, in order to unravel the secret of the Lumina phenomenon.”

A much more advanced graphics that promises to dazzle us!

The game will normally be exactly the same, photographing our pokémon friends in beautiful settings and especially in a much better graphics than the previous one! Proof in pictures.

Before / After

The game will be 6.8GB, you will only be able to play with one player and it will be available in 9 languages!

A teaser video was also released this morning to announce the official date of the game and dazzle us: April 30, 2021!

Artwork of the characters of the game

Future goodies announced in Japan!

In Japan, reservations are already open for “New Pokemon Snap” at gaming dealers! Those who make reservations and purchases at eligible stores will receive special benefits at each store!

In Japan you can find a beautiful Diorama with the New Pokémon Snap image at the Pokémon Center as well as a key ring at Seven Net Shopping and a ring to stick behind your smartphone at EDION Group (Game Distributor)!

Fans will also be able to have a hydroalcoholic gel and a storage pouch thanks to the Ito-Yokado game dispenser. A great document protector that you can purchase from Aeon / Aeon Style / Aeon Supercenter distributors. And a 150mmx310mm Multi-Support to get on your backpack to go on an adventure! Findable at Geo (Game Distributor).

At Josin (Game Merchants) you can have a notebook with the game on the cover. On Amazon Japan you will have photos of the Game’s collections and at Lawson Loppi/HMV you will have a document protector bearing the image of the first Pokémon Snap 1999 game on Nintendo 64!

Get a great yellow pouch to store your masks (it’ll avoid having them in the bag) with Bic Camera/Sofmap/Kozima (Only for each game manager), a New Pokémon Snap tumblr found at Rakuten Books and WonderGOO you can get two cross films! These Japanese are lucky!

Tumbler New Pokémon Snap

Also in Japan, if you buy the package version early, you will receive a special tag “New Pokemon Snap” worm. which can be used with “Pokemon Mezasta”!

In the packaged version of “New Pokemon Snap” , As a purchase privilege, you will receive a special Lokhlass tag New Pokemon Snap worm, which can be used with the popular children’s machine “Pokemon Mezasta” !

illustration is an image. Specifications can be changed

  • The number of benefits is limited and will end as soon as it is no longer available.
  • The awards will be awarded after the release date of New Pokemon Snap
  • The download version doesn’t come with a special benefits tag.

You can buy the Japanese version game at Hello Japan !


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