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Re-Ment is back at Pokémon Center with “Pokemon Town Night Alley”

Pokémon Center released on April 12, 2021 a new collection Re-Ment ‘Pokémon Town ‘Night Alley’. Re-Ment is very well known for these adorable dioramas and terrariums!

An urban landscape

This set features urban landscape dioramas featuring dark and ghost Pokémon like Gengar, Grimer, Mimikyu, Litwick, Murkrow, Honchkrow and of course our favorite little yellow pokémon Pikachu.

There will be 6 sets for JPY 900 each in Japan. You can assemble each part to form a nice scenery, some Pokémon can also be removed and played with.

Explore the scary side of The Pokémon World’s urban infrastructure with this connectable set with a ton of classic favorites!

For international pokéfans you can buy this collection on a single basis at Hello Japan or the full box at Hello Japan too.


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