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Palnart Poc’s Pokémon accessories are here!

A new work will join Pokémon accessories made by Palnart Poc, a popular brand for delicate accessories made by craftsmen’s manual labor!

There are several types of earrings, Wooper, Poliwag, Pachirisu, a cute Budew ring and one from Dragonair, a Charmander necklace and one from Dragonair.

Pokémon are very similar and made with precise details to offer fans original jewelry and qualities. You will be able to show your love for Pokémon with these beautiful jewels by matching them with your outfits. Ideal to offer also to the people you love and fan too!

Two new brooches!

Two new brooches have appeared: Umbreon and Espeon! You can customize your clothes or your bags with these two pretty Eevolutions!

Les prix:

Earrings Poliwag and Wooper: 3 960 yens (taxes incluses)
Earrings Pachirisu: 4 400 yens (taxes incluses)
Necklace Dragonair: 3 960 yens (taxes incluses)
Necklace Charmander: 4 070 yens (taxes incluses)
Ring Dragonair: 4 180 yens (taxes incluses)
Ring Budew: 4 070 yens (taxes incluses)
■Brooch Espeon: 4 730 yens (taxes incluses)
Brooch Umbreon: 4 400 yens (taxes incluses)


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