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Rest with the new Pokémon Center collection “Everyone Sleeps!”

On Saturday, June 26, cute Pokémon products will be on display at the Pokémon Center! Tired and sleepy Pokémon. You can be relaxed by the Pokémon resting!

There are a range of items that will make your feelings brighter, like very cute plush toys with a lying figure, an eye mask and cushion that will make your sleep comfortable, acrylic magnets and keychains that are fun to collect. Let’s be healed with relaxing Pokémon!

Fluffy soft toys!

Stuffed pokemon will sleep by your side to bring a little sweetness to your bed. Yamper, Pikachu, Eevee and others friends will join this collection!

A Yamper nap cushion!

If you work a lot and need a little break! Yamper will be happy to help you! A special and comfortable cushion that can accompany you everywhere for your naps! …

Headbands to sleep!

These stunning pokémon headbands will serve you to avoid seeing the light when you rest your eyes during transport or in rooms that are too bright. Relaxing and beautifully decorated with a pokémon you can then have pretty dreams!

Pokémon socks!

Discover the pretty socks of this collection with your favorite pokémon! In pastel colors they will match all your outfits with softness!

Items announced:

Plush Pikachu 2,750円(★)
Plush Eevee 2,750円(★)
Plush Grookey 2,750円(★)
Plush Yamper 2,750円(★)
Plush MuniMuni Pikachu 1,210円(★)
Plush MuniMuni Yamper 1,210円(★)
Plush MuniMuni Morpeko 1,210円(★)
Plush MuniMuni Skwovet 1,210円(★)
Yamper nap cushion 3,850円(★)
Gauzeket 4,620円(★)
Towel Yamper 550円(★)

Towel Eevee 550円(★)
Towel Pikachu 550円(★)
Towel Morpeko 550円(★)
Large towel “Everyone sleeps” 1,100円(★)
Pikachu Eye Blindfold 2,200円(★)
Eevee Eye Blindfold 2,200円(★)
Yamper eyeband 2,200円(★)
Morpeko Eye Blindfold 2,200円(★)

Hair headband Morpeko 1,430円(★)
Hair headband Yamper 1,430円(★)
Flat pouch 1,265円(★)
Acrylic keychain unit 550円
Collectible magnet 660円
A4 Plastic pouch 506円(★)
Fusen Set 770円(★)
Large format seal 660円(★)
Socks 23-25cm 440円
Plastic bottle 1,540円(★)
Tea bags 1,080円

Get all the items in Hello Japan !


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