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Palnart Poc’s Summer Pokémon Accessories are here !

A new work has joined the Pokémon accessories made by the popular brand “Palnart Poc” with delicate accessories made by hand by craftsmen!

The 8 types appeared, like a lapras brooch that seems to allow you to hear a beautiful singing voice and a Slowpoke ring with a cute relaxed expression!

Alolan Raichu will also be part of the party with Corsola , Horsea , Magikarp, Jumpluff, Psyduck … Many pokemon are added to the Palnart Poc x Pokémon collection. A magnificent collection and endless quality Palnart Poc still offers us original and adorable products!

You can hang the brooches on your clothes, bags … Or use the jewelry to accessorize your outfits with originality for this summer!

Official Website Palnart Poc !


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