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A new tangy summer design, Pikachu [Puregumi] has appeared!

A summer version Puré Gumi with a design of Pikachu has appeared!

What is “Gumi”?

The word Gumi comes directly from the German gummi which means “gum”. They are gelatin sweets (like those from Haribo for example). Many manufacturers like to put fruits and sometimes point out that they contain collagens (コラーゲン) in order to make customers believe that sweets are good for health.

A tropical style adopted by Pikachu!

Puregumi offers us 5 different packaging with 5 cute pikachu ready for this summer’s festivities! The flavors will be of a tropical flavor with accents of orange and mango! The gumi will have an original shape with Pikachu Male and Female (heart-shaped tail)! The new collection will be released tomorrow, July 6, 2021 in Japan!


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