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Pokémon products with a hot theme are now available at Pokémon Center!

On October 15, 2021 a new Pokémon collection has been unveiled and will be available on October 23, 2021!

The theme of this collection is “Hon waka pokapoka”, where you can see several pokémon warming up by the fire.

A range of products that warm the cold winter, you will find a puzzle with the image of the collection, a kigurumi, a Centiskorch wrap, many accessories to customize your backpack, a Fennekin sweater… Prepare your winters in advance with the adorable little Pokémon such as Vulpix, Eevee, Flareon, Wooloo, Scorbunny…

The Pokémon Center website will add the collection from Thursday, October 21st!

Here are some images of the products unveiled:

A great Kigurumi from Pokémon Slakoth has been announced! You can put it on during your rest days, or during your winter evenings, it is very convenient to have one when it is cold and in addition very cute with the hood with the head of the lazy pokémon.

A Centiskorch sling will protect your neck during your outings, despite its insect look, Centiskorch is a Pokémon Fire so this thousand legs will be perfect to warm you up from cold shots.

A comfortable mini shorts resembling Buneary’s wool also made its appearance, so a nice pajama would be expected? Wait a little longer the Pokémon Center will reveal a little more!

Fashion accesories

A Fennekin Sweater will be part of this “warming” collection of the same color as the Pokémon, you will find its head on the hood to have a perfect look with one of your favorite starters!

Many accessories will also be on sale, adorable little ponponies with the cutest pokémon! Vulpix, Buneary, Flareon and Eevee. The two announced are in the form of Flareon’s tail and the second will be Buneary’s tail. It’s a fashion accessory to hang on your handbag, on your back, or even customize your pants by tying them on! Or simply use it as a key ring, you choose!

Slakoth is transformed into a relaxing accessory! A cushion for the eyes has been provided so that you can rest while dreaming of Pokémon! It is a very practical object to relax and spend a sweet moment in the company of Slakoth!

Keep your food warm!

A stainless bottle to keep your tea, coffee warm… and a pot to keep your food warm were also announced! When you leave home and you have to eat out, it is very convenient to have these two objects! No need to eat sandwich all day or cold salad, Pokémon Center has thought of you and offers you jars and bottles designed to keep your meals warm as if you had just prepared them!

Keep the winter evenings busy!

A 300 piece puzzle will gather a pretty picture of Pokémon having fun and resting by the chimney. Vulpix and Buneary read a quiet book because Wooloo and Torchic sleep perfectly. Slakoth gets the cool soft on the rockin flesh before the fire in front of Flareon and Eevee also resting. Fennekin plays with the chopsticks of Trico and Scorbunny looks out the window at the winter which settles down slowly

A series of embroidered badges will also be collected! All goodies are unique and as usual Pokémon Center offered us a season collection, so limited, hurry up and get them!

List of items advertised for this collection:

Hot Yakude Neck Warmer 1,980 円
Kigurumi 9,350 円
Large Sweat 7,150 円
Buneary Mini Short 2,200 円
Mask case 550 円
Large size sticker 660 円
Pot for food 2,750 円
Stainless steel bottle 2,750 円
Hand towels 550 円
A4 Protects document 275 円
Flareon and Eevee key ring 990 円
Buneary and Vulpix key ring 990 円
Collection of embroidered Kunumi badges 660 円
Eight. You cannot choose a model.
300 pieces puzzle 1,760 円

Order the collection now on the Hello Japan website from now on!


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